We provide and maintain Accounting Solutions from startup,
independant advice based on established research methods
and our experts have in-depth sector knowlege.

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One Plus One Accounting

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One Plus One Accounting


Data capture from bank and related documents

Management Reporting

Annual Financial Statements

Web based Invoice software (for clients)

One Plus One Accounting

Monthly payrolls

Setup payrolls

Monthly payroll pay slips and payout data

Issuing of annual IRP 5 for your personnel

One Plus One Accounting


Company Taxes

Vat Returns

PAYE / UIF / SDL Returns

Personal Income tax returns (Directors / Member / personnel / Individuals

Tax Certificates

One Plus One Accounting

Companies and Intellectual
property commision

Registration of new Companies

Changes to existing Companies & Close Corporation

CIPC Annual returns

One Plus One Accounting

Unemployment fund

UIF Registration

Monthly returns

UIF 19 forms (blue cards)

One Plus One Accounting

Compensation for occupational
injuries and diseases fund


Letter of Good standing

Who we Are

One plus One Accounting is a family owned Accounting Firm with more than 30 years experience in the Financial Sector. With that said we are able to think out of the box to give you the cutting edge on your business accounting . We are a cut above the rest.

In the world of Accounting we are the firm that will be there from day one (when your business starts) and as a business partner are there to help you grow.

The first consultation is free.

As registered Professional Accountants we stay up to date with the latest changes in technology, legislations and accounting standards and assist our clients with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and ensure that their business complies with the required accounting standards and regulatory disclosure.

We appreciate that our clients expect a prompt response to their queries and attention to their business affairs. We encourage our clients to agree to deadlines for both themselves and us. This not only helps to speed up the process, but also keeps it affordable for even the smallest business.

Stop guessing what your financial position is and rest in the knowledge that our accountants have it sorted and at your full disclosure at any time.

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